Scented body mist buy 2 get one free. Free shipping until 08/24 (excludes bulk size orders) 20% off TheSudsySoapShop use code SJZ47THB0JB5
Scented body mist buy 2 get one free. Free shipping until 08/24 (excludes bulk size orders) 20% off TheSudsySoapShop use code SJZ47THB0JB5
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About Dalia's Handcrafted Creations

Dalia’s Handcrafted Creations is a family owned bath boutique. Our Sudsy Soap Shop is where you can shop for natural soap created using the traditional cold process method. We use only quality food grade oils, clays, and botanicals.

 Natural soap is made from scratch using oils, water, and a lye solution (scroll down to learn more about lye) so there’s  not any fillers like harsh synthetic detergents that are found in most soap in the market. You get a gentle, cleansing bar of soap that is rich and creamy in lather. Our soaps are hydrating and nourishing for the skin.

Our soaps are organically made with all-natural ingredients and we use phthalates-free Essential oils/Fragrances.

Other products

We also specialize in body care products. We use premium quality ingredients from well -known suppliers. We use natural ingredients when possible. We create body care products that are beneficial and nourishing for your skin. 

What is Lye and how does it make soap?

Lye(Sodium Hydroxide) is an important ingredient in soaping making. In fact, soap cannot be made without it. True bar soap is made through a chemical process called saponification. A lye solution (which is an alkali) combined with vegetable oils or animal fats. This causes the chemical reaction of saponification. This reaction causes the fats or oils to break down and turn into fatty acid chains. The lye is neutralized in the process.

The FDA does not consider a bar soap to be a true bar soap without it being made up of primarily alkalized oils.

How is Lye made?

Lye is just salt. Lye is made by dissolving salt into water. This is a process known as chloralkaline. When the salt is just about all the way dissolved, graphite rods are inserted into the mixture which creates electricity that runs through the rods where crystal of lye attach themselves. The result is a liquid that is poured and left to evaporate until only lye crystals are left.

Is Lye safe?

In the soap-making process, lye can be caustic. It is important to use caution and safety gear when handling lye. The saponification process usually takes between 24-48 hours in which case it is important to allow your soap to cure 4-6 weeks. Then test them for safety

There is two ways of soap-making. Hot process and cold process. We use the cold process soap-making method. We use a blend of oils and butters that provide not only a rich, creamy, sudsy, lather, but also a great cleansing soap bar. We test our soap bars after the curing process for these benefits.

Is it possible to make soap without Lye?

No, it is not. Soap without lye is not soap at all. Just synthetic detergents which are surfactants tied together to cleanse and lather. This is what is mostly in the markets today. Aside from that fact, some claim to be lye-free but use ingredients that were made with lye.

In conclusion, Lye and oils combined make a beautiful creation. Through the art of science, a chemical reaction produces a cleansing, nourishing, skin-loving soap bar that is much healthier for your skin and safer than any synthetic detergent. Made from scratch, we use ingredients specifically picked with great care for a fantastic bar soap.


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